"A hotel that exemplifies the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility throughout all areas of operations. The hotel employs cutting edge technologies, policies, and programs which set the international standard for sustainable hotel operations."

Those words from Green Key Global, in awarding a 5 Green Keys rating to Sugar Reef Bequia in 2013, confirm our commitment to responsible tourism that provides quality and luxury to our guests. We work to conserve the environment, improve the well-being of the local residents, and protect and enhance opportunities for the future.

It begins with Sugar Reef Bequia’s beachfront setting on a 65-acre working plantation, a key source of the many local and organic goods used in our operation. As Uncommon Caribbean magazine wrote, “The priceless treats here are almost all sourced directly from the fruit trees, gardens, and bee hives spread throughout the property. . . . You’ll enjoy tasting the difference that truly fresh fruit . . . can make.”

Our staff is trained in our environmental policies, and we work together to conserve natural resources, decrease and manage waste effectively, and monitor and reduce the use of non-renewable resources. We do not use power-intensive air conditioning, taking advantage of tropical breezes. We do use solar power, collect rainwater, and operate gray-water systems.

Sugar Reef Bequia also is committed to supporting local businesses and the local community and to encouraging our guests to support our environmental and community efforts. Local and antique furnishings fill the hotel. We employ 20-plus Vincentians. We sponsor a local cricket team and support charities including Action Bequia, the Vincentian SPCA, and local fireworks and basketball programs.

Sugar Reef is a proud member of the Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism. which promotes environmental and social management of natural and heritage resources within the hospitality industry.