What do the French and Italians know that the rest of the world doesn't?

They know the Caribbean is a fabulous YEAR-ROUND destination. When crowds overwhelm summer destinations from East Hampton to Saint Tropez, Bequia offers uncrowded, unspoiled beaches and the same great weather as we have in the winter. Moreover, both room and airfare rates are generally lower. For example, Sugar Reef's regular rates--which apply Spring, Summer and Fall--are 20% lower than our Winter rates.

As an added incentive for guests who stay to enjoy 7 or more nights outside of the winter high season, Sugar Reef offers our "Week-or-More Discount." You can take advantage of this discount by booking seven nights or more through our online booking system (above), by phone or email (below), or through your favorite travel agent.

See you next Spring!

Heather Evans


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