Aller ou Non

Le test: Est-ce que Bequia Sugar Reef est GO ou NO?

Sugar Reef is a “GO” if you enjoy…

  • The fresh breeze and the sound of the waves
  • Food and furniture that reminds you of where you are geographically
  • A break from commercialism
  • The Caribbean episode of “Animal Planet”
  • Tasting exotic fruit straight from trees
  • Losing yourself in a book, the stars, or your lover
  • Diving coral reefs, hiking volcanos
  • Taxi rides in the bed of a converted pickup truck
  • Dancing with locals and barefoot yachties
  • Getting away from it all
  • Unique experiences and lifelong memories

Sugar Reef is a “NO” if you want…

  • Total climate control, as if you never left home
  • The same global furnishings that could be in Bali or the Bahamas
  • To shop the duty-free stores
  • To avoid any and all bugs, bats, and lizards
  • To eat only processed and packaged foods
  • To find a flatscreen TV in your room
  • 24/7 mobile data connection
  • A performance vehicle at the curb
  • “Guests only” nightlife
  • Direct flights only
  • A typical resort; hey, you know what you’ll get