It is located in the back courtyard, right next to the plunge pool.

Max guests: 2
Bed type: 1 queen-size bed
View: Tropical forest
Extras: Top of the shower area is open to the forest so you can immerse yourself in nature

Out of all the rooms in the French House, this one is the most secluded in the back courtyard near the dazzling plunge pool. This cozy stand-alone wooden Caribbean cottage glows with the luster of polished mahogany. 
The Mistress's Cottage, named because it is technically not a part of the original house, has a queen-size, antique mahogany canopy bed, a desk, closet and bathroom. The shower is open air with 5-foot-tall walls, so while you have privacy, you also have a direct view of the trees arching all around you. It’s a truly Caribbean feel! There are windows in the cottage to open that give you an unobstructed view of virgin tropical forest with a peek of the sea. 

While all of the rooms in the French House have pretty easy access to the pool, this one is merely steps away. Perfect for guests who want that wake up and go for an immediate dip Caribbean experience!